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Hey.. [07 Jun 2008|10:56pm]
[ mood | calm ]


it's already a few weeks ago that I posted something yet!
Well,some things changed..

I stopped my relation with Chris on May 24th.
And I know that people will feel pity for me but they don't have to,I made this decission.
I already became crazy of him at March because he still has so much problems with his money and he didn't do anything about it to change it and also the way he was sometimes..

But I've got already another boyfriend for 2 weeks now.He was already a month in love with me before and I was like,now that it's not going good anymore between me and chris and now that I'm in love with someone else I could better stop this relation.

It's kinda annoying because you've got to start back again at 0.
So I'm very shy when I'm with him and I hope this will change soon when I can trust him.
But I think I can. :) He's name is Barry by the way.. :P ;)

I also had a difficult period about school.I'm really sick of school and I wanted to quit school after this year but I have to do a 7th year so i'll get my diplomma but I'm soo sick of my class and I'm not interessed anymore in what i'm doing on school so next year will be a difficult and stressy year.I first wanted to go and find some work but without a diplomma you'll get nowhere so yeah..
I'll have to do my lastest year yet.

Hmm,I'm actually not in the modd now to tell all things that happend last days so I'm going already..
I'm going to chat wth my lover :D


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Wii Fit [26 Apr 2008|09:30am]
[ mood | energetic ]

We got a Wii Fit thursday!! 
It really is nice!
For those who don't know the Wii Fit I'll explain it a bit.

It's a balance board where you have to stand on and you've got more then 40 games in 4 categories; Yoga,Gymnastics,Aerobic and just games to test your stability.

And it's no shit because it really works!!You're really getting tired of it and you really feel the exercises in your muscles and stuff.
Oh,hey! I just think about it that there's a video of it.

Wait,I'll search it on internet XD
Got it XD


The last excersise you'll see is my favorite one of yoga and I'm good of it!! XD
I'm going to dress up myself now because I'm in my pyjama yet and I'm going to play wii fit!! XD

Bye all,and have a fitty day yet. :D haha

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New pics and stuff.. [20 Apr 2008|04:29pm]
[ mood | good ]

Hi there!

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday.He became 25.
We went to the fair or however it calls :P
I bought him a dubble cd of tuning.Hes kinda addicted to it and he asked me to buy it so I did it..

As ussually I rode horse today and we rode outside in the meadows.
I rode on my favorite horse.So that means.. my boyfriend took pics!
I think they're beautiful exept because it's in the nature :)

Here are the pics:










I'm also back addicted to the songs of the 90's!!
There was a party or festival here about it in Belgium and they played all best song of 90's at the radio and tv.
So I was like: "omg,I've got to download this one,.. and this one!! and..." I already got a whole map with songs now <_<
I think the songs of Scatman john are the best with his songs "Scatman's world" and "I'm a Scatman"
I also like the songs of Sash with "Colour the world"
And afcourse all those songs of nanana,hey hey hey, goodbye or ooh,ieh,ooh,ah ah,.... :D You know..of the Cartoons,haha.
I'm already listening to the songs for a whole week,every day now.
I just can't get those songs out of my head and I just need to hear them.
Gosh,I love the 90's !!


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Tinker!! <3 [06 Apr 2008|02:26pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I'm busy with putting all my new pics on all my sites an dyes.. LJ's one of it!
I've got new pics from me and my favorite horse!
My boyfriend bought a new digital camera friday and I said he could take as much beautiful pics of me and the horses now and he did this morning.And I must say,it's a good camera with a good quality!! 

So I rode my favorite horse afcourse.I was happy that I could ride her again because mostly I only want pics of me and Tinker.
Here are some pics from Tinker!:



Time for grooming!



I love this one!!


And these are 2 when I'm riding her.



He took a lot of pics yet but I just posted the one with me and Tinker here 'cause all the rest are pics from the riding school itself and some other horses..
So that's it!!
Hmmpff..,tomorrow it's back school :(
i don't wnat to,but yeah,I have to :( :P

Have a nice day yet!!

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Feeling sad & strange.. [05 Apr 2008|03:45pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I feel strange.
Probably because school will start back monday and also work placements.

I went to "Planckendael" yesterday with my granddad,my brother and my boyfriend.It's a zoo.
I took some pics from the animals and buyed some elephant postures for my mum because those are her favorite animals.

I felt also sad yesterday..
I was already sad because I want a horse,I don't want school anymore and I just hate my life at this moment!
And then there was a girl comming online on msn and she told me that she had her first riding diploma.It just made me more sad and I started to cry because I want it too!! I'm riding for 5 years already and what do I have?

My boyfriend said one day I will have everything,my own riding school,my own horses and all my diplomas and I believed him,I just hoped it but it's just because it isn't time for it yet..
I sure have to wait more then 3 or 4 years before I can buy my own horse.

Then I also feel strange today.
Someone on a profile site told me some stuff about my riding school from the years 1982/1983.
She told me that she did a jumping competition and stuff.And she gave me a site about it where there were pics on it from my riding school.It looked very different and also there was a pic of all the people who joyed the competition.My riding teacher's on it!!
I'm going to tell him the news tomorrow!
But actually it made me sad again because I want to joy jumping lessons,I want to learn it! But my riding school isn't doing this anymore for years because there happend to much accidents.

And now I feel bored because I don't know what do to.I want to be with the horses.. <3
I just feel so bored and bad because I don't want to return to school!!

I hate this period of my life :(
I want to be grown up.I want to be 20 years old already..


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Tinker <3 [30 Mar 2008|07:33pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Horsebackriding was kinda stressy today.
I mostly am stressy bacause I want to know om which horse I must ride but i ain't stressy for a month already now so I was happy,'till today..

I came on my riding school and went to the bar as always so I can see on who I have to ride.
I had to ride on my fav horse today Tinker!! So I set her outside her box,went to the saddlery and laid her saddle and bridle next to her.
but when I wanted to start her grooming it begun to rain so I was like "grr,fucking weather :(" so I took her back inside her box and saddled her up.But then it started to thunder and there were also some lightnings and I never rode before when it thundered.
I became kinda stressy 'cause I know Tinker character!! When there's just a lil' wind she's already really scared and runs away from every lil' sound or moving thing.So when I mounted her her ears were really pointed to the outside and I was like "she's going to run away!" Actually I like it but I just was stressy 'cause I never rode like this before.

But actually she didn't do anything!! I was kinda shocked 'cause I wasn't used to this!
Ok,she maybe run away for one time but that was because some girls we're laughing and making some noices next to the ring.
The lesson was great.We had to practice on controlling our horse and I did it really good! So we had to go from trot to canter and back to trot,making a circle and going back to canter and then to step.. you know! :P

I really love Tinker!! <3 She's my everything and if there would happen something to her I'd die!!
I asked my boyfriend to take a pic when I just mounted her!
you can see how concentrated she is!!
Pity enough the pic isn't that clearly 'cause he took the pic with his mobile but I love new pictures!!


So,I'm already looking forward to next sunday! but probably I won't ride on Tinker then.They try to let us ride on many different horses..

So,that's it!
Have a nice day yet!

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Some news.. [29 Mar 2008|04:43pm]
[ mood | busy ]


yesterday I went with my brother and granddad to our city Antwerp.We visited the oldest castle of Antwerp called t'Steen.
There have been wars and historic stuff around there like every city perhaps will have..
And I was surprised!! 'Cause when I entered the museum there was a television with persons on it who all did this or joyned some things and guess what! There was some eldery guy talking on that television and I was like,omg,omg!!I know this guy.I took care for him in an elderly home when I had work placements.It kinda shocked me yeah!!

After that we walked through the old roads of Antwerp and we went to eat a waffle,a brussels one!With some sugar and créme.
they are really delicious!

Today I made a site(msn groups) with my friend.An RP site.We're trying to have a lot of members,we'll have to wait yet.
We already made our Rp characters and our mysterious beasts like a unicorn,dragon,pegasus or whatever..
Pity enough for the most of you our site is made in Dutch so you can't participate perhaps my friend and me will come at a dessission to make our site in english too but mostly that's to hard for us to lead a site in 2 languages and certainly with all those RP stories.

I don't know what I'm going to do now,I've been busy for a whole day but my friend left on msn so I'm all alone now. :p
Maybe i'm going to help my mother cooking,I don't know ..

Well,that's it for today..
Hope you're all having a nice day!

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This and that's.. [26 Mar 2008|03:46pm]
[ mood | good ]

I just went to eat something at Quick with my mother and brother.She promised us to eat there at the vacation,lol :P
Then we went to my grandparents.They gave us both 40 euros :O I really love them.They give money each time we'll visit them.
But my granddad gave 20 euro for my rapport and my grandma always gives 20 euros. ;)

This evening my ex-aunt is comming.I love to listen to her stories.She always had nice or funny things to tell.Or about her vacation at Scotland.Yeaah,for those who don't know,I LOVE SCOTLAND!! so that's the reason why I love HER! :D haha.
About an half an hour my boyfriend will be at home but I think he'll work on his pc.He installed him back yesterday and he have to make things cleaned on his pc. :P

Well,I'm going to eat fruits now 'cause my mom gave me some nice,delicious fruit mix :D

Have a nice day yet.
Sofie Xx..

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Flanders Horse Expo '08(part2) [25 Mar 2008|08:59am]
[ mood | calm ]

This is part 2 of Flanders Horse Expo '08,
yet an incredible day with lots of pics and some vids!!
I stayed there the whole day! From 10am 'till 18.30pm!!

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Flanders Horse Expo '08 [22 Mar 2008|09:07pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Flanders Horse Expo was great!!!
I really enjoyed my day!

Click beneath and watch my many video's and pics!!

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I can't wait!! [21 Mar 2008|04:23pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Just one more night,ONE! ..MORE! ..NIGHT! and then I'm off to "Flanders Horse Expo." XD XD
I really can't wait.
I'm going to take as many pics as I could.
I really hope I can watch the show with Voltige and western.Also jumping!I love jumping so much! :)
And I also hope I can buy some stuff.:)

It's starting at 10.00 am 'till 21.00 pm but I don't think we will stay there for the whole day,at least I don't think my boyfriend wants to spend his whole day there.:D I don't care! I want to see as many horses as I can. :D

It's also vacation for 2 weeks now,yay! XD
But actually... I don't know what I'll do in those 2 weeks <_< *lol*

And I also got my rapport today at school and it's good!
I've got 71% for examinations and 74% in total! :)
So I'll keep up that job.

Omg,my stomach starts calling for food.. O_o
I'll get something to eat now! :D

Bye folks!

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OMG,PEE!! [19 Mar 2008|07:35pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Pee is the subject of today!


You know what happend today?!!
Such a discusting thing happend to me!!

I told you that I had back work placements at the elderly people.
Everything went fine and THEN!..

I had to clean an elderly people her ass because she went to the toilet and while I was cleaning it she peed on my HAND!!!
I was like: '#@!!#OMG!!!#@#! 

But ok,I just went to clean my hands as fast as I could! And after that I had to give the people there food! Hmmm,yummy after all!!

BTW: I stole some chocolate easter eggs there.*giggle*
and actually I had luck that I stole them 'cause when it was time to go home I waited almost an hour for my grandad who forgot to pick me up! Lol,so I eated all my eggs. :D

Tomorrow I have to go back for a whole day. :( From 07.00am 'till 15.30pm.

But after that's it's vacation!!! XD
Just 2 more days!

*Think positive,think psitive!* XD

Ok,I'm going to stop with this shit or must I say.. pee? :D


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Horses and stuff! [16 Mar 2008|04:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey friends!

I ride horse this morning and there happend some things..
I ride a horse,named Silver, who's always very stubborn. I saddled him up,which is difficult too 'cause his always throwing up his head in the air when I wanted to put on his bridle but it succeed.Then I went out the stable with Silver and went to the ring.
But against the wall there stood a wheel barrow with beets in it and I didn't noticed that so he stopped and I was like.. "why wouldn't you come with me,are you scared of something?" and then he attacked the beets!! So i pulled the reins for some seconds and then he listened and followed me.

Next when I had to ride individual he was stubborn again,as usual but my teacher says I'm a good rider :D,and suddenly he bumped against the wall with his nose.I was kinda shocked and feeled pity with him but not for long because he started to buck.
I really sweated on that horse!! But I didn't fell off so that's good. :D

Saturday I'm going to 'Flanders Horse Expo '08" at Expo Gent.
You can buy a ticket for 3 days 'cause it's a whole weekend but i'm only going on saturday 'cause it seems the most interesting day to me. :)
They're giving a show with voltige,western,dressage,jumping and about the Arabian horse,which is my fav!:D, and also about the fresian horse.I'll try to make many pics!So I'm already looking forward to it but I first have to finish my last exam yet tommorow and I've got work placement at wednesday and thursday.. :(
I hate those days!!

But ok.. I'll just wait well behaved. :P
Have a nice day yet!


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Shoes and stuff! [13 Mar 2008|01:46pm]
[ mood | irritated by exams ]

I bought new shoes!
They're not that new but I always wanted to have them and now I found them for a good price and they fit good.

It are those silver ballerina's.
Here's a pic if you don't now them.


I also like the pink!! but I've never saw them in a store before..

My exam at school was good today but tommorow will be difficult.
It are 2 difficult things.About justices and statutes about a caretaker and the second one is about living and stuff.
So it's about every housekeeping stuff we must know. It's really boring.

I'm going to learn it right now but I don't want to :(
Wish me luck!
Sofie Xx..

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2 years togheter! [12 Mar 2008|10:33am]
[ mood | Wiiih,2 years togheter!! ]


I know,..
it's already been a long time that I've been here but I'm getting used to many other sites and stuff that I didn't came on here anymore.
I kinda feel pity for it 'cause I said I would be on here every day.. :S So sorry for it but hey! I'm back now!

I've got now examinations,bleh :(
but I'm not scared of it.I got always good points :D

Today I'm 2 years togheter with Chris,my boyfriend!!
He bought me a ring previous weekend! :) And when I said to him that I did not had a present he told me that just "me" was enough for him.
Isn't that sweet? :P :D

Well uhm..
I'm still the same so there didn't happend that much last months.
Only that we won a Nintendo Wii with Christmas and we also got a PS3 for some days.
We really are gamefreaks >_> :D

And I'm still horsebackriding, only that my friend came back to my riding school so we're riding togheter.That's always better then alone. :P
I also decided what I want to do in my future.I'll end school with a diploma of caretaker for elderly people and then I'm going to do educations for something with horses.. maybe caretaker or a horse trainer or riding school holder!

I also want my driving licence.I once tried it with school but I didn't get through it.Also our teacher gave us to less information about it,that's the reason why I didn't get through but I WANT IT! So I asked my parents if I can do my driving test at Juli/August 'cause now I've got to much lessons and stuff to do for school.

And yet  a week and half and then it's vacation for 2 weeks! :D

Well,I think that's all I've got to tell for the moment.
Have a nice day yet and hopefully I wont forget you back! :D

Sofie Xx..

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VOTE FOR US!!! [17 Oct 2007|02:16pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi everyone,

I just want to ask you if you could vote for my family..
My mum want to be on the first place and we're on the 30th so we need some votes more.
We can win things like accesoires for your home,playstations,PSP and more stuff like that!

So please go over here and vote!


How to vote?
Just scroll down and under the pictures you'll see a red button with written in it: STEM OP ONS!
Click on it and then you'll have to fill in your name as first,then you're email adress and some more.
I hope it's working!!

Already thank you for those who voted! XD

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This and thats! [09 Oct 2007|08:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Sorry about being away that long time but I'm busy.This week is my last week of work placement.But that still wont make it easier for me to get on pc.And now that my boyfriend's always next to me I'm not always in the mood for being behind the pc.

Everythings fine with my bf,only that he had a 3th accident with his car.It's unbelievable.It seems like there's been spelled a curse on his car,lol!

We changed my room!My boyfriend and I slept a month in my tiny,small bed but now he's finnaly gone! We've got a sofa now that you can transformate to a bed,for 2 persons.It's really good,I can sleep very well in it! And I always love it when things change in your room.I was kinda bored of seeing my room the same way but I'm happy now.We also could buy posters today at school so I bought some and put them on my wall already so I've got already a new look too!^^ I'm glad about it.

*Squeee*There's a new pony in my riding school!I really hope I can ride on her once 'cause she's so cute!! She's called Shadie and she is a lil' fatty horse,hahah,but it's cute!^^

Well,I don't know what to tell yet..
Bye Xx.. 

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Busy + SHOCKED [19 Sep 2007|04:01pm]
[ mood | hmm.. ]

 Hmm,it took almost 2 weeks ago that I posted something and yet I don't know what to write over here now.I'm to busy with school and work placement.When school placement will be over I'll have some rest for a month.
And I really don't think of drawing with all those thoughts around school and stuff,yet if I think about it I want to draw.Only I don't know what..

The trip with school was okay,not great and not boring,just okay.:)
Still I was happy to be back home.I can't miss my familly!:)

Last weekend something terrible happend.. I was shocked..
My dad and boyfriend had a fight.They we're just making some jokes but my dad thought at some moment it was real so they had a fight and after that my dad grabbed my boyfriends neck and almost killed him!! :( I was yelling at my dad and I hit him so he would release my boyfriend,happily he did that but MY GOD,I WAS SHOCKED!!
I really thought it was the end..
And the worst thing is.. After it happend,I was thinking about: "What would there being happend if my mum and I weren't there?He probably would have killed my boyfriend" and the next day my mum told me that my dad told her that if we weren't there he exactelly had killed him. Isn't that the worst thing that could happen??!! :cry: :(
I am really scared now.I don't dare to let my dad alone with my boyfriend anymore.I don't trust him anymore,yet he told us he wouldn't do that anymore but.. I don't know..

He is really stressed out about he's stupid work! I already talked about it with my mum that I'm scared my dad would take a gun some day and kill everyone. And guess what my mum told me? She said she was also scared so I pissed my pants off.Still I love my father,I wouldn't know what to do if he wasn't here anymore..
but I can't trust him anymore on that point.

This is one the my first worriest things I never ever would forget..

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First week school.. [08 Sep 2007|05:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm tired! I really am from those work placements.
I'm now ding work placement with the elderly people and they're friendly over there.
I did my second day yesterday. It are always 3 days,wednesday,thursday and friday but because they had to explain much things yet at school they took wednesday as a schoolday.

Next week I'll only have work placement on wednesday 'cause after that we're going on a trip with the class 'till fridayafternoon.
I hope I will enjoy it 'cause normally I don't like such things.I always have hymne,I always miss my familly and stuff but I think it will be okay this time.

My next placement starts on december 5th at the kids.Probably I'll be placed by the babies,god damn,I hate them.
I already was placed one day at babies,just one day and after an hour already I was like: "OMG,this is BORING!"
My friend said me yesterday it was not,she's working a whole day while I sat the whole day on my lazy butt! =S

I'm already scared for it now. I think I wont make it this year.It's also more difficult huh.

Tommorow I'll ride horse for the last time :( I haven't money anymore so I'll wait when I've got back money and then I'll see when I'll return to the riding school.Maybe after a month or 2. At least.. I'll miss it there "cause normally when I can't ride for one day I'm already freaking out!

Hmm,I'll see what next week will bring.
Have a nice day yet;

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What a night! O_o [28 Aug 2007|10:51am]
[ mood | kinda bored ]

First of all,a happy birthday to Billy Boyd!! 
I still don't forgot him! ;)
I hope he's still happy with his actual life! :)

God damned,we had a restless night! 
I woke up because a man was yelling at his ex-wife(our neigbours)and he was knocking on the door and yelling to her to open it.So I was with my parents before our window and we watched everything. It took 10 minutes,don't mind. So after that when I was back going to sleep I already heard someone else yelling at someone. I first thought our neighbour called a friend but no.. it we're other people,so I back jumped of my bed,went to my parents room and was like: wtf,is it someone else now? and we watched again outside and it was a girl who get out of a car and talked to the guy in it. And at some moment she walked away and another car arived,the guy get out of his car and ran to her and was pulling her arms almost of her body. So our other neighbours we're discussing with the guy and he told them that he's sister was drunked and that they just wanted to bring her home and the other guy was her dad.Man,he was angry! O_o He really pulled and pushed her in his car and drove away like a crazy fool.

And maybe this is childish but I'm getting scared when I hear people making fights on the streets at night. I don't know how but I become stressy and scared so I asked my brother if I could sleep in his room and I did. *blushes*

I'm also stressy for school.Things are changed between my friends and me so I'm kinda scared I'll have no 'real' friends anymore around me.But don't forget!.. My boyfriend is moving over here this weekend so if I've got problems I can always talk to him about it.:)

Well,I hope you're all having a nice day! ;)

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